3 entrepreneurial ideas that are currently attracting attention overseas!


Are you just thinking that you need to come up with new ideas to start a business?

In fact, successful businesses in Japan often come in late from overseas.
It is good to know that if you grasp the business model that is trending overseas in advance, it will lead to predicting the next business to hit in Japan.
It may be a hint for your entrepreneurship

  • 3 entrepreneurial ideas that are currently attracting attention overseas!

Now, I would like to introduce three entrepreneurial ideas that are attracting attention overseas as of 2020.

  1. Accelerating Digitalization

For the past few years, it has even been said that “the only future business success is digitalization.”
In fact, digitalization is accelerating in all companies, and companies that have not yet digitized are steadily preparing, and as of 2020, it is said that about 70% of domestic companies have started digitizing their businesses. ..

Starting with the digitization of products and services for consumers, there is a movement to digitize and automate business processes within the company.

If such accelerating digitalization can be made into a business, many companies will need it.
Specifically, one system that digitizes products and services provided by companies using apps and websites, and can collectively manage in-house data and analogy paperwork managed on paper media on a computer. If you can develop it, you can apply it and sell it to various companies.

Even those who say, “I can’t make such a system because I’m not a system engineer …” there are opportunities in the digital business.
Even if you can’t create your own system, you can deepen your knowledge of existing systems and act as a consultant for corporate digitization.

There are many companies that want to digitize, but SMEs often do not have strong digital skills, and they are often looking for consultants outside, so there is a possibility that they will succeed on that path. Is.

  1. Rapid Expansion of Personal Care and Mental Health Care Markets

In recent years, the demand for personal care and mental health care has increased rapidly.
Personal care refers to beauty and health care such as skin care, makeup products, hair care, and supplements, and mental health care literally means providing important mental care in a stressed society.

Originally, it is a market that is indispensable for people’s affluent lives, but with increasing health consciousness, the market for personal care provided by each person is expanding rapidly.

A housewife who practices yoga while watching videos such as YouTube at home, a woman who does not go to an esthetic salon and purchases facial equipment and hair removal equipment by herself, and a monthly subscription to listen to music that heals during commuting time The awareness of individual beauty and health and mental care, such as the salaried workers who use it, is steadily increasing.

Many services and apps focusing on this personal care and mental care market have been created and released overseas.

  1. Increasing Demand for Online Services

The biggest news in 2020 is the new coronavirus. Demand for online services
such as Zoom has increased due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection.

Many people may wonder, “It’s used when you can’t meet people, and it doesn’t matter if the new coronavirus ends.” However, with the introduction of 5G communication, it will be online in every aspect of daily life in the future. Is expected to progress.

You can have a drinking party online with people who are far away in a stress-free internet environment, and since you are at home, you do not have to worry about the last train. Many people who find it convenient and comfortable will continue to use it even after the end of the new coronavirus.

In addition to online drinking parties, things that have been commonplace in daily life, such as online weddings, online training, online classes, and online procedures, are becoming online.

If you look back on your daily life, there is still room for entry in the things that can be made online.
Creating an online service that has not yet been implemented may lead to success.

  • Summary

We have introduced entrepreneurial ideas that are attracting attention overseas and overseas business models that should be referred to.
What did you think?
Most of the businesses that are currently trending in Japan are services and business models that were hit overseas first.
Even if you imitate it after it started to become popular in Japan, you will not be able to gain market share, so please refer to the business model that is attracting attention in overseas countries such as the United States, which is at the forefront of the economy.



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