How 5G and Edge AI Will Change Your Business!


Around 2023, when it becomes standalone, it is expected that “digital twins of people and things” will appear. Using sensors spread around spaces such as homes, factories, and towns. This lecture provides the perspective of business development required for users to accept Edge AI. Which is indispensable for building such services, without any discomfort.

Latest trends in 5G, local 5G  & Ericsson’s efforts

More than 100 operators around the world have started commercial services for it. And it was commercialize in 2020. Currently, services that are an extension of 4G are the main services, but 5G-like services are gradually appearing. In terms of standardization, the functions required for industrial applications have been expanded, and the evolution from NSA (Non-Standalone) to SA (Standalone) is scheduled to progress rapidly in 2021. And the true value of it in sense of industrial applications is expected. The foundation to be demonstrated is finally being prepared. In addition, the development of a private network called local 5G is progressing worldwide. In this talk, we will discuss the latest status of it in the world, the path of 5G network evolution, local 5G trends, and Ericsson’s efforts.

5 things you need to know in the 5G and MEC era

NTT DoCoMo started 5G in 2020 and has been collaborating with various industries to create new services. Among them, the very important function to utilize 5G in the solution is the function called MEC (Mobile Edge Computing or Multi-access Edge Computing).

It is attracting attention that it may be possible to make full use of the low latency and wide band of 5G by using this. In this lecture, I will narrow down various questions related to 5G and MEC to five points, why 5G is attracting attention differently from the past. What is MEC to make use of it, and how to use MEC? I would like to summarize what should be done and what the future of 5G will be as what we need to know as far as we can see now. And introduce the points for thinking about your future business.

The truth of 5G and the future of 12G as seen from the history of mobile generation evolution

How far will the mobile communication generation go up?

“5G”, which started worldwide without waiting for 2020, has become a kind of boom that attracts attention from various industries. The word “6G” has already begun to be used, and it can be said that generational evolution itself is a boom. As a result of the interest of many people in the boom, excessive expectations and many misunderstandings are scattered, while collaboration across industries creates opportunities for new business creation.

He will explain the expectations for stand-alone (SA), local 5G, virtualized RAN, etc., and discuss the truth in several respects, which started 5G in 2020, is behind. Looking back on the process of studying 5G, the actual situation of 5G will be clarified in comparison with past generations. In addition, we will review the evolution of the mobile generation over decades to find out the rules and try to predict future generations.

In the full-scale 5G era, we are at the stage of connecting growing expectations to real business. The success of 5G will lead to the development of industry, and the continuous evolution of generations will contribute to the realization of society. We should aim for after 2030. I want to expect.

Latest trends & Local trends

Wireless communication technology applied to the 5th generation mobile communication system (5G or IMT-2020). Which started full-scale service in 2020 (improvement of frequency utilization efficiency, support for high frequencies, reduction of delay, etc.). And system technology (network virtualization, network slicing, mobile edge computing (MEC), etc.), services provided (high speed, large capacity, high reliability, low latency, multiple simultaneous connections), future trends, etc. We will explain the outline, promising applications, migration scenarios to local 5G, etc. Of local 5G, which applies 5G technology to self-employed closed networks almost as it is. Furthermore, the latest trends of the next-generation 6th generation mobile communication system (6G) under consideration to date will be described.

NEC’s Initiatives for Creating Social Value

With the idea of ​​creating a future beyond imagination with it, NEC has set up the concept of “5G”. A Future Beyond Imagination.” And we will promote various initiatives by it from the three viewpoints of “innovation of network technology suitable for the 5G era”. “Advancement of network operation by automation and software”. And “creation of social value by new players and new usage”.

In the field of Network Transformation. We have started to provide wireless base station equipment for its carriers. Plus we are aiming to announce local 5G base station equipment next year. We are also promoting the commercialization of 5G Gateway as a client that runs industrial applications in fields other than mobile phones.

At Operation Transformation, we are also working on the development of multi-vendor base stations in the mobile field. That has introduced open innovation and the transformation of core network systems with a view to cloud and software for network operations.

At Social Transformation, we would like to provide service models and solutions. Which combine the characteristics of 5G networks and industrial applications to meet the needs of users. To the hardware aspects such as providing base stations. Until now, NEC has built up a track record of utilizing it through various demonstration experiments with telecommunications carriers. And customers in a wide range of industries.

NEC will continue to aim to create unprecedented services and social value by utilizing it in collaboration with various partners.

Promote DX in various fields such as industry and public

NEC is proceeding with concrete initiatives for digital transformation utilizing 5G after another. In the industrial field, as a smart factory, in addition to wireless communication of in-factory networks using it, utilization of large amounts of data, cloud computing of control equipment, AI and IoT utilization, network issues in robot operation, etc. We are working to make the value chain smarter.

In addition, at construction sites, not only remote construction by it. But also by combining with automatic construction, efficiency and labor-saving of the entire site will be realized in video distribution.

In addition

To distributing rich content that takes advantage of its high speed. We support the creation of new entertainment such as watching sports using AR. And in supply chain management. We aim to reduce waste, prevent mistakes, and improve work efficiency by analyzing on-site images in real-time in the public sector.

It is important for local governments, organizations, and local companies to work together to utilize 5G to address issues facing the region. Such as agricultural reform, distance education, medical care/welfare, and disaster countermeasures. The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications has requested a budget of 6,56,630,00 USD in the second year of Reiwa. To promote the use of local 5G to solve regional issues.

At NEC, safe and secure smart mobility covers the entire region. Distance learning and hands-on education, school ICT for the purpose of eliminating teacher skill disparities, watching over residents, hospitality. And disaster prevention. Which has become a major social issue in recent years. We will promote the use of it in various scenes in the region. Such as countermeasures.

Accelerating digital transformation in various fields such as industry and public. The network that supports it is 5G.

At NEC, as a business brand “NEC Smart Connectivity” creates new social value. And business transformation by utilizing various communication network technologies, LTE, and Wi-Fi. It optimally connects people, things, and things. We will provide services and solutions to strongly support the digital transformation of society and business.


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