How to find a business idea? Explains the points of thinking and behaviour necessary as an entrepreneur


When starting a business, the business idea that is the basis of the business is important. Based on one idea, we will expand our vision and make concrete profits.

Business ideas are important to entrepreneurs, but they are not easy to find or generate.
I will introduce how to generate a good business idea, the direction of thinking when creating it, and the points of how to find it.
From the stage of searching for ideas, it is important to have an entrepreneurial way of thinking and act.

  • Need for business ideas

The need for business ideas lies in differentiating them from existing services.
Even if you do the same thing as an existing service to start a business from now on, you cannot beat the competitors.
You may feel that you have no chance of winning against the competitors on the market earlier in terms of experience and achievements, but it is important to compete with ideas. Business ideas will be required to make a difference, such as
convenience, value, speed, fun, and original goodness, compared to existing services.

  • For the backbone of business plans

Business ideas at the stage of starting a business or establishing a company will support the company as the backbone of the business, which is the foundation of all the businesses that will be carried out in the future.
Without the underlying business idea, the business may lose its way.

Also, once you have a business idea, entrepreneurs shouldn’t just come up with it.
Incorporate ideas into business plans and make them more concrete. Based on that, we will build a monetization mechanism and start the business.

  • Necessary to recruit loans and collaborators

Business ideas are also important for creating a business starter.
Loans, investments, and cooperation with unproven entrepreneurs are something that everyone is cautious about. I don’t know what to look for to judge the future potential of an entrepreneur or the growth potential of a business.
However, if you have a business idea and a business plan based on it, it may be one of the judgment factors when making a loan or investing.

The content and quality of ideas and plans are important, but the uniqueness and objective attitude of ideas and plans also move the hearts of supporters and collaborators.
When applying for a loan to a financial institution, a business plan and a start-up plan are always required, and in order to convince the person in charge, it is important to have a business content that incorporates ideas

  • Where do business ideas come from?

Some people may find the hurdle to be very high when it comes to “creating business ideas.”
Given that you have to come up with ground-breaking ideas from scratch, it’s certainly difficult, and it may seem impossible to have a normal idea.

However, in order to generate business ideas, it is not necessary to have eccentric and eccentric ideas.
It is often born from everyday things that happen to me and things that I always touch.

  • Think about your worries and dissatisfaction

Let’s focus on the current worries, dissatisfaction, and inconvenience that triggered the generation of business ideas.
If you have an idea that can solve your worries and dissatisfaction, that idea may help others who feel the same way.

Find problems with systems and services that you find difficult to use on a daily basis, and find causes and improvements from the management’s point of view.
If you think about what kind of service you will provide and what you need to be able to do it, you may come up with a concrete image.

  • Pursue what you like

In order to generate business ideas, it is a good way not only to solve your worries and dissatisfaction, but also to target your favourite targets.
In particular, the more you narrow down your target to niche products and services, the more you can pinpoint your interests and interests.

If you base your business on what you like and what you are interested in, it will be easier for you to enjoy and continue, and the path to success will not be difficult.
Gathering marketing information and creating business plans will all be fun.

  • Imitate the idea of ​​an existing service

You might think that creating a business idea requires creating a new idea from scratch.
However, one method is to imitate existing services and devise new ones.
You can’t beat your rivals just by copying the idea of ​​an existing service, but with Plus Alpha, it could be a better service in the market.

It’s also a good idea to review existing services, eliminate unnecessary processes, or deploy in different markets.
Existing services may also be a catalyst for business ideas, considering not only imitating, but also solving current problems and making use of them.

  • Combine what you have

It is also helpful to combine existing business models and services with ways to generate business ideas using existing services.
It’s hard to think from scratch, but it may be less difficult if you consider a combination of existing services.
If you just combine them, you don’t need a genius inspiration.

As mentioned above, look at the dissatisfaction of the current service and consider combinations that make up for the shortcomings and combinations that create the value of plus alpha.
Combining completely different services can create more convenient and new business models.

  • Direction of business ideas

When entrepreneurs consider business ideas, it is important to know the direction in which they can easily start a business and develop in the future.
You need money, space, people, etc. to put your ideas into shape, but you can’t have that many resources at start up.
Therefore, I would like to choose a direction that can be started with a small amount of money and a small amount of money and has the potential to gradually expand.

  • production

It can be said that the production-related business is a field that can be started from a small scale and can be expanded as a business.
There are also services that can be exchanged on the Internet, such as creating apps and websites, and designing icons, which lowers the entry hurdle.

You can easily start a business as a side business, and you can also open a business at home. We also have a complete platform for connecting with contractors.
You may aim to become a corporation when you have accumulated a track record, built a system that can provide services continuously, and established a stable relationship with customers.

  • Take-out specialty store (mobile sales)

If you want to start a restaurant-related business, it is easy to start a take-out or mobile sales store that does not require a large store.
Take-out stores that can be started in small stores and mobile sales that can be done anywhere can be opened with low initial cost.
In addition, there is no need to limit the number of customers, it is possible to flexibly respond to the number of store visits, and it is possible to provide speedy services without manpower.

However, a business permit is required at restaurants. Unlike eating and drinking in the store, the cost may increase when considering the purchase of disposable containers.
Since the content that can be provided is limited, it is necessary to consider the balance with the desired menu.

  • consulting

Consulting work can be started without inventory, and the number of stores and equipment is minimal.
In addition to consulting to clarify and advice on corporate management issues, we also offer consulting in various fields. If you anticipate
demand for information and advice based on your area of ​​expertise and past achievements, you may want to consider starting a business in consulting.

  • Sharing service

Sharing services are one of the services that have been increasing in recent years.
Various sharing services have appeared so far, but it is not too late to enter as a new service. Let’s come up with ideas with flexible ideas such
as making your own inconvenience convenient and introducing the current service as a sharing service.


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