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This article introduces not only basic information such as the flow for starting a business, but also recommended entrepreneurial occupations and entrepreneurial trends in 2020. It also introduces all the information about entrepreneurship, such as points to keep in mind when starting a business. It also introduces entrepreneurship that can be easily done at home, so I would like people who are interested in entrepreneurship to read it

What is entrepreneurship?

In the first place, starting a business means starting a new business. It is to come up with an idea from the state of 0 and open up a new market.

Knowledge necessary for starting a business

There are at least three things you should learn when starting a business. Acquisition of knowledge is indispensable to prevent troubles that occur when starting a business.

Knowledge of taxes

When you set up a company and start a business, you need to pay taxes such as corporate tax, corporate enterprise tax, and corporate inhabitant tax according to the profits you earn. If you forget to pay these taxes, you will be tax evaded and you will lose the credibility of the company. Therefore, you can prevent such troubles by properly learning tax knowledge before starting a business.

Knowledge of cash flow

When starting a business, it is necessary to create a business plan that specifically describes the business content and financing method mentioned earlier. In particular, if you want to get a loan from a financial institution, you need to submit this business plan.

In particular, since most people will be in the red immediately after starting a business, it is important to anticipate in advance how to raise funds until the business gets on track.

If you have enough knowledge about this cash flow, you can detect a plan that will continue to be in the red at an early stage, and you can easily rework the plan.

Since subsidies and subsidies are fundraising systems that do not require repayment, it is clear that acquiring this kind of knowledge is very important for the success of the business.

Marketing knowledge

When you start a company that provides goods and services, it is important to deepen your marketing knowledge in order to make the product attractive.

When thinking about marketing, the important point of view is to fill the value that the customer wants with the products and marketing that they provide, and to deliver that information appropriately and accurately to the customer.

Marketing knowledge is required to make the goods and services provided by the company unique and to differentiate itself from other companies.

Accounting knowledge

There are two types of accounting knowledge that are especially important when you want to start a business: financial accounting and management accounting.

Financial accounting is accounting that is organized to provide information about the company to shareholders and investors who are interested parties outside the entrepreneurship.

It is possible to leave the creation of this accounting to a tax accountant, but this knowledge is also important for a correct understanding of the financial situation of your company and other companies.

On the other hand, management accounting is an internal accounting that is created to be utilized in the company’s accounting.

Management accounting is important for grasping the current situation because it is important for solidifying the future policy of the company.

Without this accounting, it is prohibited to neglect to create it because it will result in an unplanned business policy.

The above knowledge is the minimum knowledge for starting a business, but it is necessary to acquire more knowledge for starting a business that is attractive and can be operated for a long period of time.

What a successful entrepreneur thought before starting a business

Use it as a reference when you think of ideas by emulating imitations such as how to come up with ideas of already successful entrepreneurs. so the idea I have come up with 200 points instead of 100 points from the customer The criterion for judging whether a business was successful or not is whether the customer is satisfied or not. So the business is meaningless unless the customer is satisfied.

It seems that the key to success is not only to be satisfied with yourself, but also to come up with an idea that will give you 200 points from the customers who use it. Do not consider whether or not the idea is feasible it is not necessary to consider whether or not this idea is feasible at the timing of issuing the idea. Come up with endless ideas and focus on coming up with innovative ideas that go beyond your stereotypes.

Points for thinking about entrepreneurial ideas well

The four points introduced here are the points that I would like you to refer to when you come up with an idea and copy it to practice.

1. Funds especially those that do not require fixed costs.

since the start-up is carried out with very few resources, businesses with high initial costs and fixed costs are less sustainable. Therefore, focus on how to do it at no cost.

2. Collect funds using crowdfunding.

as I mentioned earlier, even if you come up with an idea that you are satisfied with, the evaluation from people will vary. By using crowdfunding, you can judge how much your ideas are directed by people in society.

In addition, you can collect funds, so we recommend that you use it as a preliminary step to starting business.

 3. Confirming the size of the market in recent years.

Technological innovation has progressed, and the market has changed more in a shorter period of time than before. By predicting in advance whether your business will grow in 10 years, you will know how sustainable your business is.

4. Design Thinking Ideas After All.

the key to successful entrepreneurship is the customer. Therefore, once you come up with an idea that you are satisfied with, you can get various opinions by putting it on the market once, and you can expand your ideas


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