Is Apple’s genuine earphones really convenient?


With the abolition of the earphone terminal on iPhone 7, “earphones used with iPnone” are attracting attention. You may also be wondering what kind of earphones are suitable for iPnone / iOS devices.

But please wait. Doesn’t Apple have genuine earphones? Not to mention accessories, there are also higher performance earphones. Optimized for Apple products, not only is it convenient, but the sound quality is not to be underestimated. This time, we will thoroughly explain Apple’s genuine earphones that are comfortable with the lighthouse.

  • Apple Earphone with wire Ear Pods with 3.5 mm Headphone Plug

Genuine earphones of Apple’s wired stereo mini connection type. It was first included with the iPhone 5. A major feature of the current earphones is the unique shape based on the inner ear type, not the mainstream closed canal (earplugs) type.

This shape was reached as a result of detailed and careful research by Apple from the perspective of wearability and sound quality. In fact, unlike what you might imagine from the appearance, it fits in your ears very well, and it is hard to slip off even when worn during sports, and it is a special mention level.

Sound quality is also good. Not only is it much better than the earphones that came with iPhone 4s and earlier, but it also claims higher sound quality than other companies’ earphones in the same price range. In fact, it is a quality that most people can enjoy music without dissatisfaction by making the sound that makes use of the inner ear type that has a high sense of openness and a natural and straightforward sound.

Of course, it is equipped with a remote control with a microphone compatible with iOS devices. It is recommended as a valuable inner ear type other than Apple products.

  • Wired Apple Earphones EarPods with Lightning Connector

Lightning connection earphones that come with iPhone 7. Based on EarPods, DAC / amplifier is built in the connection part. Achieves high-quality sound reproduction by digital connection.

The fact that the DAC / amplifier, which normally requires a certain size and weight, is stored in a size that makes it almost unnoticeable is a sign of Apple’s high technology. Earphones and remote control microphone are the same as the well-established EarPods.

  • Wireless type Apple earphone AirPods

It is a completely wireless earphone with the cord between the left and right removed. The simple design that makes EarPods look like wireless is also impressive.

The latest W1 chip developed by Apple is the key. As a result, power saving has been achieved, and cooperation with iOS devices has dramatically improved. The functionality of the battery, which can be played for up to 24 hours with case charging and 3 hours with 15-minute quick charging, is also attractive.

It is also convenient to be able to easily pair with various iOS devices and Apple Watch. The point is that you can use only one of them, and the built-in microphone also supports Siri and voice calls. AAC codec support is also a function that can be used with iOS devices.

As it is inexpensive as a high-performance completely wireless earphone, it is widely recommended.

  • Features of Apple Earphones

  1. Hands-free calling and remote control of music are possible

If the Apple earphone is a wired type, the cord is equipped with a remote control unit with a microphone that can be used with iOS devices. Therefore, you can talk hands-free without having to bring your face close to the handset while wearing earphones.

Call operation can be controlled with a remote control. One-touch call start and end. Hold and reject incoming calls are easy with one action.

Furthermore, the same applies to various operations related to music playback. Play, stop, volume up, down, as well as fast forward, rewind, and song forward are easy and easy to operate. It is also a point that these are effective when playing videos.

In addition, convenient remote control operation unique to Apple is possible

In addition, if you use the remote control of the wired earphone, you can call Siri, and after that, you can talk and operate hands-free with Siri with the earphone as it is. With AirPods without a remote control, you can call Siri by tapping the main unit twice, and then you can perform various music operations by voice.

Also, with AirPods, you can remotely control music and volume with the Apple Watch music app. This is fine even in situations where Siri is difficult to use.

  • How to choose an AirPods case

  1. Choose the case that suits your model

Air Pods also has a second-generation model, the Air Pods Pro, with noise canceling. At first glance, the AirPods Pro isn’t much different, but the AirPods Pro is characterized by a lower product height and increased width and thickness.

As a result, the AirPods and AirPods Pro cases are slightly different in size. Some manufacturers have the same design but each type, so when you buy it, buy the one that matches your model.

  1. Check the material

  • silicon

The AirPods case made of silicone material is strong against impact. Even if it should fall, the silicon absorbs the impact, so it protects the main body firmly. In addition, since the surface is not slippery, it is also attractive for fall prevention.

Silicon has excellent water resistance and is resistant to rain, so it is also recommended for those who frequently use it outdoors. If you choose waterproof silicon, you can completely cover up to the charging cable outlet, preventing breakdowns even if the battery is flooded.

On the other hand, if it is used for a long period of time, it may become sticky or yellow in color due to deterioration. It’s relatively reasonable, so it’s recommended that you buy a new one regularly and enjoy the design.

  • Leather

The Air Pods case made of leather is characterized by its luxury. It is easy to match with a wide range of fashions and is also recommended as a gift. Genuine leather, which tastes more and more as you use it, and synthetic leather, which has a texture similar to that of genuine leather but is reasonably priced, are also popular.

On the other hand, the drawback of genuine leather is that it tends to stain when it gets wet. Also, keep in mind that the surface of synthetic leather may deteriorate if it is used in direct sunlight or in a humid place for a long period of time.

  • Polycarbonate

Polycarbonate is a type of plastic material that is the same as acrylic plates. It is also often used in hard cases for smartphones. Polycarbonate is characterized by its excellent impact resistance and durability. It is also resistant to ultraviolet rays and can withstand temperatures from -40 to 125 ° C, so it is also used for building roofs and signboards.

Keep in mind that while it is lightweight and shock resistant, it has a slippery and slippery texture that makes it easy to accidentally drop it.

  • Check for carabiner and straps

If you use AirPods frequently when you’re on the go, check out the AirPods case with a carabiner. Since the carabiner can be hooked on a bag or belt loop, it is hard to lose and can be easily carried.

In addition to saving you the trouble of taking it out of the bag, it also has the advantage of preventing you from missing the entire case in your luggage.

  • Check if it supports wireless charging

There is also a model that supports wireless charging in the charging case for AirPods. The advantage is that you can easily charge it just by placing it on the pad. You can save the trouble of connecting and disconnecting the cable.

Please note that some AirPods cases do not support wireless charging, so be sure to check before you buy.


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