Is PAI coin listed on BitFlyer? Information & Reputation!!


PAI coin cryptocurrency is one of the cryptocurrencies that are attracting a lot of attention now, with the help of rumors that it will be listed on that BitFlyer.

In addition, there is a story that listing on multiple major exchanges has already been decided, and there are rumors that it will be listed on that BitFlyer.

Based on this information, the cryptocurrency area has been holding up on the topic that the value of PAI coins may explode after listing, but it is dangerous to touch them easily.

After all, it is recommended to check the information carefully in advance for ICO projects of virtual currency to make sure that they are reliable projects before purchasing.
Therefore, on this page. I will explain the listing and the mechanism of PAI (pie) from basic information about PAI (pie) coins.

What is a PAI coin?

PAI coin is a virtual currency used in project PAI.
To put it simply, Project PAI is a fusion of AI and blockchain technology to create a 3D avatar that will be your alter ego. And have you do various things on your behalf.
I will explain in detail later how to make PAI and how to use it.

ICO information of PAI coin

It is an ICO of PAI coin, but unlike ICO of other virtual currencies, there is not much information even if you search on the net.
Normally, information such as ICO schedules and early purchaser benefits is on the market …
Also, there was information that you can jump to the purchase page from your personal site, but that site is now closed. I couldn’t confirm it.
In that case, PAI coins may not be available for purchase until they are listed on the exchange.

Is the PAI coin listed on BitFlyer?

It is said that PAI coins have already been listed on several exchanges.
If it is decided to go public, you will feel more secure because even if you purchase PAI coins, you will not be able to trade later and become waste paper.
Currently, PAI coins are said to be listed on the following exchanges.

  • okex
  • huobi
  • bitrex
  • upBit
  • Binance
  • coin way
  • coin nest
  • bithumb

Listed plans to still some of the exchanges other than the above. But is that there is, is worrisome than that. There is a virtual listing plan of currency exchange to the “bit Flyer” of Japan’s largest of It’s a story.
It’s not confirmed yet. But it may be listed around the summer of 2018, so if PAI coins are really listed on BitFlyer, it will be quite hot.
Since there are many stories about such listings. It is said that the value of PAI coins will jump hundreds of times after listing.

What is PAI (Personal Intelligence)?

As I mentioned earlier, PAI (Personal Intelligence) is a 3D avatar that uses AI and blockchain technology to become your own alter ego.
A 3D avatar is not just an icon made to look like it.
PAI (Personal Intelligence) collects user information using blockchain technology and connects it to AI to create a 3D avatar that is close to the user’s tastes and thoughts.
Since 3D avatars are like the user’s alter ego, they can make decisions that are close to the user’s tastes, behavior patterns, and thoughts.

What you can do with PAI

3D avatars created with PAI perform “authentication/management/data learning/application management” by multiplying AI and blockchain.
Therefore, by using PAI more and more, 3D avatars will be learned by accumulating data of user’s tastes, thoughts, and behavior patterns.

And because you can apply it using those data, the grown 3D avatar will be closer to your alter ego.

There are many ways to use the PAI created in this way.
For example, you can use PAI to carry out marriage activities that are popular these days.
If you want to get married but don’t have enough time, you can leave it to PAI.
I understand your taste because PAI is your alter ego.
Therefore, it will find your favorite partner on your behalf on the marriage hunting site and SNS.

It can also be applied when looking for a job, a restaurant to eat, shopping, etc.
When choosing a store or product, it’s normal to choose according to your own taste.
PAI knows your tastes and will be able to pick them for you.
If you feel sick, you can ask the doctor to find the best hospital for you, or conversely, if the doctor uses PAI, you can leave the counseling to the patient to PAI. ..
People who are often busy say, “I want another person,” but PAI is what makes that a reality.

Features of PAI coins

Developed by ObEN, which was funded by Softbank

PAI (Pai) Coin Project PAI is being developed by an artificial intelligence development company called ObEN in the United States.
In establishing ObEN , Softbank (KORIA), SM Entertainment (a major Korean entertainment agency), Tencent (an internet-related company in China), etc. have invested.
Softbank (KORIA) can be understood without explanation Softbank, SM Entertainment is a company that also has business with Avex in Japan, and TVXQ and Girls’ Generation are enrolled.
Looking at the background of the establishment of ObEN, which is involved in the development of PAI, you can see how magnificent and reliable this project PAI is.

Possibility of PAI coin explosion

PAI coin is of course about the future of project PAI, but isn’t the value of virtual currency exploding? It is often talked about in that respect.
Since ICO projects of virtual currencies often explode after listing, many investors aim to sell out after the explosion, but some of them do not increase in value at all or are listed. There are many virtual currencies that disappear without disappearing.
Therefore, I have summarized three factors regarding the possibility of the explosion of PAI coins.

Chinese market movement

The Lippo Group in China has signed a partnership agreement with the PAI project team.
The Lippo Group may not be well known in Japan, but it is a large company with total assets of over 2 trillion yen and operates hospitals in Asia.
Therefore, in China, the reliability and expectations for PAI coins have increased considerably.

Expectations for listing

As I explained at the beginning of PAI Coin, it is already scheduled to be listed on multiple overseas exchanges.

In addition, there is talk of listing on the largest BitFlyer in Japan. So it can be said that the possibility that PAI coins cannot be listed is extremely close to zero. As long as it is listed. The value of the purchased PAI coins will not be zero. The risk to the investor who purchases it will be considerably low.


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