Points to keep in mind when introducing e-tickets for entertainment business


In the past, it was common to buy and receive tickets at ticket outlets to attend events such as watching sports and live artists.

However, nowadays, the flow of searching for events online, purchasing tickets online, and presenting an “e-ticket” on a smartphone to enter the venue on the day of the event is becoming mainstream.

  • E-tickets to improve the ticket-buying experience

E-tickets (or electronic tickets, digital tickets), which are becoming an alternative to conventional paper tickets, are attracting attention because they have various merits such as improving the user experience, reducing the operational load on the event management side, and avoiding opportunity loss. ..

Let’s focus on the ticket-buying experience and reaffirm what it means to complete it online. We will introduce the advantages of introducing online payment and comparing the case of accepting payment by other means such as bank transfer or convenience store payment.

  • Less time and effort from reservation to ticket acquisition

When selling tickets at a ticket office, it goes without saying that customers need to go to the office and in some cases line up. When purchasing by bank transfer or convenience store payment in advance, it is necessary to inform the customer of the payment method and mail or hand over the ticket itself. On the other hand, if the e-ticket mechanism is adopted, users can reserve and purchase tickets on their PCs or smartphones wherever they are, and can immediately obtain tickets in the form of e-tickets.

  • Can be accepted 24 hours a day

If you only accept reservations over the phone or at the ticket office, you may not be able to respond outside business hours and you may be missing out on your customers. There is also concern that bank transfers and convenience store payments will be canceled if the user forgets to deposit. If you accept reservations and payments online, you will be able to make reservations and purchases 24 hours a day, which will help prevent lost opportunities.

  • Cancellation measures can be taken

If a reservation is canceled due to the customer’s convenience, not only sales will drop, but the possibility of vacant seats will increase. In this respect, if you are online, you can directly connect reservations and purchases by making advance payments, and even if cancellations occur, it is easy to attract the most customers, so the risk of vacant seats can be minimized.

In this way, by introducing the e-ticket system, it will be possible to complete the process from online reservation to distribution and receipt of tickets after payment. This not only reduces the labor and cost of issuing and mailing tickets, but also improves the usability provided to customers.

  • What should be kept in mind when developing and introducing an e-ticket system?

For companies that are new to e-tickets, it will be necessary to change the existing business flow. Therefore, it is important to consider the following points one by one and proceed with development that fits your business.

  • Operational load

When introducing a new system, it is important to consider on-site training and daily operational load associated with the realization of the system. If the load is too high, internal operations will be strained, which may lead to a decrease in employee satisfaction and eventually a decrease in the quality of customer service. To prevent such a situation, it is necessary to have a system design and a system migration plan that can realize lean business processes.

  • Server load when access is concentrated

At the start of accepting reservations for tickets and at the start of measures to attract customers such as advertisements, in addition to the concentration of reservations, mass transmission of automatic emails will also occur. That is why it is necessary to select a server that can withstand a sudden increase in traffic.

  • Prevention of unauthorized use of tickets

It is also important to deal with various event operators’ worries, unauthorized use and unauthorized resale. Tickets once used to enter the event venue must be non-reusable, and nowadays we have to take steps to prevent buying up and reselling tickets at high prices, especially at popular events. Preventing unauthorized use and designing specifications in consideration of on-site operations can be said to be a major premise of the e-ticket system.

  • Ticket delivery / delivery function

While preventing fraudulent resale, you should also consider cases where the purchaser transfers the ticket to a friend or distributes it within the group after purchasing the ticket. Therefore, it is ideal to have a function that allows the purchaser to send tickets to other participants by e-mail or hand them over with a QR code.

  • Linkage with databases such as CRM

When introducing an e-ticket system, it is recommended to consider not only a ticket sales mechanism but also a function to link with a database with a view to further development of measures. If it can be linked with CRM and member database, it can be effectively used for member marketing strategies such as repeat promotion.

  • Three points to keep in mind when selecting a development partner

Based on the above-mentioned viewpoints, the key to finding a development partner is to focus on the technical capabilities + α.

There are many system development companies, but a partner who can not only faithfully develop with the specifications presented in advance but also plan / propose and design the specifications according to the original purpose of the project will create a system that suits the purpose. You can build it.

Specifically, it is necessary to emphasize the following points.

  • Do you have business know-how for BtoC?

Compared to BtoB (business-to-business) systems that require rationality, “customer experience value” can be the biggest factor in determining sales in BtoC systems. That is why the amount of experience and know-how in BtoC business is the key to choosing a development partner.

  • Can UX / UI be designed from the user’s point of view?

For apps and services used by general consumers, the perspectives of “how stress-free and continuous use” and “how to increase user engagement” are indispensable. That is why being able to design UX / UI from the user’s perspective is an essential requirement for development partners.

  • Can you consult from the image or idea stage?

In conventional system development, we will proceed with development according to the RFP that summarizes the system requirements. However, this can only systematize requests that have already been verbalized. That is why it is necessary to select a partner who can design from the image and concept stage and proceed to development in a straightforward manner.

In developing a business for fans, it is important to find a partner who can consult and support from the service concept stage based on the viewpoints introduced this time. It is no exaggeration to say that it is a condition required for partner companies to break away from a contractor that emphasizes the experience value of customers and only produces and develops.


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