Popular drones you want to keep in mind. Introducing popular secrets


The unmanned aerial vehicle “drone” has become a familiar presence. Because of its convenience of being able to remotely control it like a radio-controlled model, you can enjoy it in a wide range of ways, such as flying it as a hobby or shooting an image from the sky.

The drone that flies freely in the sky embodies the romance of a man. This time, we will introduce plenty of popular drones filled with the romance of such a man.

  • Why are drones so popular?

  1. Moderate difficulty and high degree of freedom

A drone that will fly as you wish as long as you master the operation. The high degree of freedom and the sense of accomplishment when flying is probably the main reason why it is gaining popularity.

The process of learning how to operate a drone little by little while struggling reminds me of my childhood when I was desperately practicing bicycles.

A popular point that attracts mechanics and a futuristic look. The more maintenance you do, the more you will become attached to it, and if you notice it, you will become a companion you can’t let go of. Each drone has its own personality, so it’s fun to collect them.

  1. Can also be used for aerial photography and disasters

One of the reasons why drones are gaining popularity is that the range of applications can be greatly expanded depending on the idea. Not only can you enjoy flying in the sky, but you can also take aerial shots, take on the challenge of drone racing, and use it in various ways.

It can also be used to grasp information in the event of a disaster. The possibilities of drones are endless.

  • Popular drone

  • DJI Mavic Pro Drone

A popular drone that supports 4K and allows you to enjoy smooth and beautiful video recording. It is a relatively small model among DJI drones. However, the technology is condensed into a compact aircraft.

What should be noted is the obstacle automatic avoidance function that recognizes obstacles up to 15m away. The possibility of the aircraft crashing due to an operation error has been drastically reduced. In addition, you can fly continuously for up to 27 minutes and up to 13km, so you can take aerial shots for a long time without worry.


A popular model, the phantom, which can be said to be synonymous with DJI. This drone has a centre of gravity in the centre of the aircraft, improving mobility and stability.

Of course, like the Mavic Pro introduced at the beginning, it has an automatic obstacle avoidance function. When approaching an obstacle, it will hover automatically to prevent a collision.

The biggest feature is the tap fly function that is used in conjunction with a smartphone. When you tap the destination on the screen, the drone will automatically fly to that location. I will fly swiftly while avoiding obstacles. It is also popular with people who are not confident in operating the machine.

  • Zerotech Cell Feed Loan Dobby D100B-H

A popular self-portrait drone that is extremely compact. Fold the propeller and it will be small enough to fit in your pants pocket. You don’t have to worry about carrying it around. It’s also a nice point that the setting time from opening the box to skipping and playing is only 5 minutes.

The aircraft is small, but it has a lot of functions. It has a face recognition mode, so you can take beautiful selfies. It will fly stably even if the wind of 8m / sec blows, so it is also recommended for outdoor selfies.

  • Parrot Bebop 2 + Skycontroller PF726140

A popular drone specializing in aerial photography. Equipped with a new fisheye lens, you can shoot clearly even in dark places. You can check the image of the drone on your smartphone. With the included Sky Controller, you’ll feel more like a pilot.

The aircraft has seven types of sensors and always keeps its attitude in cooperation with the electronic control system. In addition to that, the digital correction function works to keep the captured image horizontal. It is a popular drone for aerial photography because it corrects the distortion of the horizon and horizon.

  • Cheap and popular drone

  1. GoolRC Mini Drone CX-10W

An ultra-compact drone with a length of 53 x width of 53 x height of 24 mm. There are three speed modes, low speed, medium speed, and high speed, which can be changed according to the operation skill, so it is popular with both beginners and advanced users.

By linking with a smartphone, you can operate the drone on the screen. It is also a popular point that you can enjoy fantastic lights by turning on the LED light under the propeller and flying at night.

  1. Hubsan X4 HD H107C-1

This drone has a calm red colour and a rounded body that is very fashionable. You can take high-quality videos and photos with the HD camera boasting 2 million pixels. A propeller guard is attached to the main body. Since it protects the propeller from obstacles, you can fly it indoors with confidence.

It also comes with a 4GB microSD card and SD adapter, so when you’re done with aerial photography, show it on your TV and watch it with your family and friends.

  • What you can do with a drone

Speaking of what a drone can do, it’s still aerial photography. The view from the sky is irreplaceable. Even the scenery you are used to seeing will look different, so if you buy a drone, please take an aerial shot.

If the drone supports first-person view (FPV), it is a real pleasure to be able to project live images from the aircraft on the screen of the smartphone. Feel free to feel like a pilot.

Drone racing utilizing the first-person view (FPV) is popular all over the world, and various competitions are held. Take your favourite machine and test your drone control skills.

  • Be careful when choosing

If you are buying a drone for the first time, it is recommended that you first choose an inexpensive small drone that can be flown indoors. Let’s get used to the operation in the room. If you crash while practicing, you can buy a cheap drone immediately and it will cause less mental damage.

When trying to fly outdoors, a heavy drone is preferable so that it is not affected by the wind. However, please note that if the weight exceeds 200g, it will be subject to the revised Aviation Law, and the flight airspace and flight method will be stipulated.

This does not apply if the permission of the Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism has been obtained in advance.

There are various functions installed depending on the drone model, such as camera function, first-person view (FPV) function, and hovering function. It is important to choose a drone that suits your needs.

Of course, you can also choose based on the drone design. If you have a design that you like, you will become more attached to it, and the time you spend interacting with the drone will naturally increase.


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