Recommended memory for PC. Must-see for those who want to build their own PC or add more


“Memory” is a part that temporarily stores programs and data executed by the CPU. It is an important PC part that affects the operating speed of applications and games. The appropriate memory depends on the type of motherboard installed.

So this time, I will introduce how to choose the recommended memory. If you are considering adding memory or assembling your own PC, please refer to it.

  • How to choose memory for PC

  1. About memory standards and compatibility

Memory has a standard called DDR. It is divided into multiple parts such as DDR3 and DDR4, and each has a different shape. For example, the location of the “notch” in the memory connection is one of the differences between standards.

Also, the number of pins to insert into the slots on the motherboard varies depending on the standard. For example, in memory for desktop PCs, DDR3 has 240 pins, while DDR4 has 288 pins.

Due to the difference in the number of pins, it is not possible to insert DDR4 memory into a motherboard that supports DDR3 memory. Keep in mind that different standards of memory are not compatible.

  1. For gaming, the capacity should be 16GB or more

When purchasing memory for gaming, it is recommended to choose a product with a total capacity of 16GB or more. If you run out of space, your PC will slow down and may interfere with game performance.

Also, opening a voice chat app or opening a web browser during gameplay requires space, so if you want to play in a comfortable state, make sure you have enough memory.

You can transfer more data by preparing two 8GB memory than by preparing one 16GB memory. If you are looking for higher performance, please also check if your PC environment supports dual channel, which sets memory in pairs, and quad channel, which sets memory in pairs.

  1. Check memory clock

The memory clock is the clock frequency of the memory expressed in MHz. The higher the memory clock number, the more data can be transferred at one time. The memory clock can be confirmed from the chip standard described on the product.

The chip standard is described in a format such as “DDR ○-○○○○”. Since the number after the hyphen can be judged as the memory clock as it is, the memory clock when “DDR4-2666” is described is 2666MHz.

The effect varies depending on the game you play and the work content, but it can easily lead to performance improvements such as frame rate, so if performance is important, choose a product with a high memory clock.

  1. Check for heat sink

A heat sink is a part that absorbs the heat generated when the memory operates and dissipates it into the air. By using a metal with high thermal conductivity as the material, heat is released from the memory to the heat sink.

Memory gets hot when overclocked to improve performance such as operating speed, or when the air inside the PC is not circulated well. Note that if the memory is kept at a high temperature, it may become unstable or cause a malfunction.

When buying memory, make sure it has a heatsink. However, the height of the memory will increase due to the heat sink installed, so be sure to check that it does not interfere with other parts.

  1. Check interface

Mainstream “DIMM” on desktop It is mainly used in desktop PCs. There are many products, and there are many variations such as designs. Some items have decorations on the cover and heat sink. “SO DIMM” used for laptops

It is mainly used in laptop computers. Taking advantage of its small size, it can be installed on slim desktop PCs and integrated desktop PCs.

If you want to be particular about the appearance, “with LED” is recommended

If you want to pay attention to the appearance of your PC such as bright lighting, we recommend the memory with LED. Depending on the product, there are also products that can control the color type and light emission pattern with dedicated software.

If you are using a PC case with glass sides or an open frame case that is assembled in an exposed state without sealing the PC parts, it is perfect because you can check the light condition from the outside.

  1. Don’t forget to check the number of slots on the motherboard

There is a limit to the amount of memory that can be installed on the motherboard. Please note that even if you prepare more memory than the number of slots, it cannot be installed.

The number of slots depends on the size of the motherboard installed in your PC. Generally, 4 to 8 ATX size motherboards and 2 to 4 Micro-ATX size motherboards are installed. When purchasing memory, check the number of slots.

  • Recommended manufacturer of memory for PC

 1. CFD 

CFD, a domestic company headquartered in Nagoya. In addition to memory, we also sell PC parts such as CPUs and graphic boards, and PC peripherals such as keyboards. It is also a feature that we handle products of other brands other than CFD.

The memory of CFD is attractive with a simple design with less decoration. Since it is not equipped with an LED or heat sink, it is thin and can prevent interference with other PC parts. Some memories, such as those for gaming, are equipped with LEDs and heat sinks, so please choose the one that best suits your needs.

  1. Crucial

Crucial is one of the brands of the world-famous memory maker Micron. We are mainly developing storage such as memory and SSD. It is a global brand that is expanding not only in Japan but also in multiple countries such as Italy and Germany.

Crucial’s memory is characterized by being sold after undergoing numerous tests. Due to its high quality, it is also recommended for those who are worried about breakdowns.

  1. Corsair

Corsair is headquartered in the United States. We sell products suitable for games and distribution, from PC parts to peripherals. The feature is that it cooperates with e-sports teams and content creators. We are working to improve the quality of gaming products based on the competition experience of players belonging to the team.

Corsair’s memory is attractive because many of them are suitable for overclocking so that you can maximize the performance. There are products equipped with LEDs and products with a compact design, so it is a recommended manufacturer for those who want to stick to the appearance.


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