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A “smart watch” that can be used not only as a wristwatch, but also for measuring steps and heart rate, and linking with various apps. Recently, the number of manufacturers entering the market has increased and the lineup has been enhanced. In addition, the usability has been steadily improved compared to the initial model, and further expansion of the market scale is expected.

  • Benefits of smartwatches

The advantage of smartwatches is that you can reduce the chances of taking out your smartphone. If you use the Bluetooth function via a smart watch, you can talk on the phone as it is. You don’t have to take your smartphone out of your pocket or bag.

Also, depending on the model, it is also a point that you can install the application in the same way as a smartphone or tablet. You can listen to the radio on your smartwatch, check stock prices, and enjoy the game. Recommended for those who want to operate their smartphone as easily as looking at a wristwatch.

  • How to choose a smartwatch for iPhone

  1. watchOS

watchOS is a dedicated OS installed in the smart watch “Apple Watch” sold by Apple. It is based on the company’s mobile operating system “iOS” and is characterized by having many linkage functions with iPhones and iPads.

You can pay using Apple’s payment service “Apple Pay”, you can receive notifications on iPhone, and if you are an iPhone user, it is compatible, but since there are few product variations, we are particular about the function and design of the smartwatch Not very suitable for those who want.

  1. Wear OS

Wear OS is an Android-based OS developed by Google for smartwatches. The biggest feature is the high versatility that can be used not only on Android smartphones but also on iPhones. The point is that it is compatible with the services provided by the company, such as Google Maps and Google Calendar.

It is also attractive to have a wide variety of smart watches, so it is also recommended for those who want to stick to functions and design. However, Wear OS is designed to work with Android, so some apps and services may not be available if you use it with an Apple device such as an iPhone.

  1. Select by the shape of the screen

Basically, smart watches can be divided into two types: a “square type” with a square screen and a “circular type” with a round screen. Different screen shapes can make a big difference not only in design, but also in functionality and ease of use, so be sure to check carefully when choosing a smartwatch.

As a guide for choosing, if you place importance on design, we recommend the “circular type” with a round screen. Since it looks like a conventional wristwatch, it can be used widely from private to business scenes. The screen size is a little smaller than the square type, and the point is that it can be installed smartly. On the other hand, since the amount of information that can be displayed is reduced, it may be difficult to operate and stressful depending on the application.

Since the square type has a square screen like a smartphone or tablet, it is characterized by more comfortable operations such as character input and scrolling than the circular type. In addition, the screen size is large and it stands out when worn on the wrist, so it is recommended for those who want to incorporate fashionability.

  1. Choose by spec

If you want to enjoy your smartwatch comfortably, specs are one of the important points. If you choose a product with priority on design and price, you may feel stress in everyday use due to slow operation of the application or small data storage capacity, so be careful.

  1. Choose by durability and waterproof performance

A smart watch is a precision device equipped with various sensors and microphone functions. It is important to choose by design and specifications, but be sure to check the durability and waterproof performance for long-term use.

If you want to use your smartwatch outdoors, you can use it in various scenes such as mountain climbing and swimming by choosing a model with high waterproof and dustproof performance.

  1. Select by optional function

If you’re wondering which smartwatch to use with similar features and designs, check out the optional features. For example, if you choose for ease of use, we recommend a smartwatch that supports “wireless power supply” that can be charged without a cable, or a smartwatch equipped with a large-capacity battery that can be used for a long time with one charge.

There are other smartwatches that you can use on your own to make calls, so be sure to check these options when choosing one.

  • Recommended ranking of iPhone compatible smart watches

  1. Apple Watch Series 6 M09G3J / A

It is a 2020 model of Apple’s popular series “Apple Watch”. Since it is a cellular model that can be connected to the Internet by itself, it is equipped with a mobile communication function. You can use all the features of Apple Watch such as phone and email without an iPhone.

Usability has been greatly improved, such as the “Retina display” that is always displayed for easy viewing even outdoors, the “Blood oxygen wellness app” that allows you to check the blood oxygen concentration, and the “Hand wash function” that assists you in washing your hands correctly. A nice point.

Since the latest “S6” is adopted for SiP, which is the brain of Apple Watch, you can comfortably enjoy the latest apps and multitasking.

  1. Apple Watch SE MYDP2J / A

An Apple Watch with a good balance between price and performance. Compared to the latest model “Apple Watch Series 6”, the functions have been reduced, and the feature is that the price is cheap and it is easy to purchase.

The constant display function of “Retina display” and the blood oxygen concentration measurement function are not installed. However, in addition to the original payment service “Apple Pay” that allows non-contact payments and the AI ​​assistant “Siri”, it also supports water resistance at a depth of 50m, which is hard to break even when it gets wet. It is also a big point that it is equipped with a dual-core SiP “S5” that moves smoothly without stress.

In addition, there are plenty of special accessories such as bands and protective cases, and it is also attractive that you can customize the appearance to your liking. If you combine it with the company’s wireless earphone “AirPods”, you can easily enjoy music anywhere.

  1. Apple Watch Series 3 MTF32J / A

It is a recommended model that is reasonably priced and can be purchased easily. Despite its affordable price, it has a full range of basic performance such as an “optical heart rate sensor” that can measure activity and heart rate, and an “Apple Pay” that allows you to pay without cash.

The battery life is relatively long, about 18 hours, so you can use it all day without worrying about the battery level even when you are out. The main unit is equipped with 8GB of storage, so you can save and enjoy your favorite photos and music. With the built-in microphone and speaker, you can enjoy clear voice calls at hand.


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