Recommended smart locks. Introducing products that can be used for rent


“Smart lock” that allows you to easily lock and unlock the door via your smartphone. This item is useful for those who often lose their keys in the house or who are wondering whether or not they have locked the house. However, even if it is called a smart lock, various functions are installed depending on the model.

So this time, we would like to introduce a recommended smart lock. We will also explain how to choose it, so please check it if you are interested

  • What is a smart lock?

A smart lock is a dedicated device that can be unlocked and locked from a smartphone. It can be attached mainly to the front door key so that it can be unlocked hands-free by location information or Bluetooth, or it can be auto-locked.

You can unlock and lock without removing the key, and you don’t have to worry about forgetting to lock or lock it. It is also attractive that you can share the master key with your family and friends and check the unlocking / locking history.

Depending on the product, you may be able to lock / unlock with your fingerprint, PIN, or IC card in addition to the operation with the app.

  • Advantages and disadvantages of smart lock

  • Merit

One of the benefits of introducing a smart lock is that you don’t have to carry a key with you. There is no need to put in and take out the key when unlocking and locking, and you do not have to rush to find the key in front of the door.

In addition, many smart locks have an auto-lock function that can be locked automatically even if you forget to close the key. Among them, there is a lineup of items that keep a history of key opening and closing, and models that show unlocking and locking in real time.

Furthermore, even if you lose your smartphone with a smart lock, you can manage your keys with your ID and password. You can download and use the app on an alternative device or another smartphone.

  • Demerit

Be careful not to run out of batteries on both the smart lock side and the smartphone side. Smart locks can be prevented if the model notifies the smartphone when the battery is about to run out, but be careful when the smartphone battery runs out.

Also, when you install a smart lock that has an auto-lock function, you may be locked out if you go out with your smartphone at home. Keep in mind that if you live alone, you will have to contact the management company.

  • Can smart locks be used for renting condominiums?

If it is a smart lock that does not require construction, there are things that can be used even in rental properties such as condominiums. The feature is that the door is not easily damaged and installation is easy because it is only attached with double-sided tape.

Please note that if you want to use a product that requires construction work such as key replacement, you need to obtain permission from the management company in advance. In some cases, you may not be able to use it without permission.

  • How to choose a smart lock

  • Choose based on whether it is compatible with your home door

When choosing a smart lock, first check that your product is compatible with your home door shape. If you purchase a product that does not support it, it may take time and effort to process the return later.

The door shape includes a “door type” with a thumb turn directly attached to the door, a “push-pull lock type” with two thumb turns on the top and bottom of the handle, and a “face” where the key and lock are contained in one box. There is a box lock type with a door.

There are many types of smart locks on the market, so be sure to check them out.

  • Select by mounting method

  1. Paste type

A smart lock that can be attached to the door with double-sided tape or an adhesive sheet is a sticking type. The advantage is that it is easy to introduce even for rent because the door is not easily damaged and can be easily restored to its original state. No specialized knowledge or difficult DIY is required, so even beginners can easily install it.

Depending on the material of the door, the disadvantage is that it can easily come off unless it is firmly fixed. Recommended for those who prioritize ease of installation and removal.

  1. Cylinder replacement type

The cylinder replacement type removes the cylinder part of the existing key and introduces a smart lock in the vacant space. It can be installed in a rented room as long as the removed key can be replaced without additional holes or screws.

There is almost no cost for the type that can be replaced by yourself. If it is a type of cylinder that you have to ask a contractor, additional cost will be incurred. Recommended for those who want to firmly fix the smart lock even for rent.

  1. Drilling work type

The drilling work type is to make a hole in the door and attach a smart lock. In most cases, it cannot be installed in rental apartments or condominiums because it cannot be restored to its original state. If you do not have DIY knowledge or experience, you will have to ask a contractor, so it will be costly.

On the other hand, it has the advantage that it can be used in a stable state because it is fixed by making a hole for the smart lock. This is the recommended installation method if you can DIY your home.

  • Choose by locking and unlocking method

  • Hands-free type

The hands-free type is characterized by the fact that a person with a smartphone connected to a smart lock via Bluetooth locks and unlocks by moving away from or approaching the key. It can be opened and closed smoothly even when you are holding luggage in both hands.

However, please note that it may not be unlocked correctly if the radio wave is bad. In that case, it is necessary to start the application and operate it, or unlock it with an ordinary key.

  • Smartphone operation type

The smartphone operation type is characterized by operating a smartphone with a dedicated application installed to lock and unlock. If you have a smartphone at hand, you can operate it wherever you are, so you don’t have to worry if you forget to lock it.

Also, if it is a thing that records operations via the application, it is also attractive to be able to check information such as when it was last unlocked and who operated it. This type is recommended for those who are worried that they have forgotten to lock it.

  • Multi-device type

The feature of the multi-device type is that it can be locked and unlocked with various devices such as card keys and feature phones. This is useful if you have a family member who is not accustomed to using a smartphone, or in an office where you may leave the operation to an employee.


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