Selections from the Dynasty Warriors series Introducing popular titles and game systems




“Dynasty Warriors” is famous as a game with the motif of China’s Three Kingdoms. You can enjoy the exhilaration of defeating a large number of enemies at once and the deep story, and it is popular with various generations. However, there are many titles in Dynasty Warriors, so I’m wondering which one to choose.

  • The charm of Dynasty Warriors

ynasty Warriors is a game with the motif of “Sangokushi”. The biggest feature is that you can enjoy the exhilaration of “Ikki Tousen” who defeats a large number of enemies. The powerful image of the character performing his special move is also very impressive.

Another attraction of Dynasty Warriors is that you can easily launch an attack without pressing complicated commands. You can also adjust the difficulty level, so you can enjoy a wide range of people from those who like action games to beginners.

  • How to choose Dynasty Warriors

  1. Numbering work

For those who want to enjoy the history of the Three Kingdoms, the numbering works are recommended. The numbering work is a title that revolves around the warlords who appear in the Three Kingdoms.

If you like action games, check out “2” and “5”, which are difficult and give you a realistic atmosphere on the battlefield. For those who want to emphasize beautiful graphics and operability, please play “7”, which is positioned as the culmination of Dynasty Warriors.

  1. Takeshiden

Takeshoden is a series of numbering works with additional content added. The feature is that scenarios, modes, characters, etc. that were not in the numbering work are recorded.

Takeshiden is released in “2”, “3”, “4”, “6”, and “7”, and the data of the numbering title can be taken over. Due to its volume, it is suitable for those who want to spend a lot of time slowly.

  1. Empires

Empires is a series equipped with a mode that aims to unify China by training one military commander. You can enjoy the strategic nature of full-scale simulation and the exhilaration of battle unique to the Dynasty Warriors series. It is also attractive to be able to freely customize the main character and create an original character.

In addition, Empires tends to have a higher degree of freedom than numbering works because the development changes depending on the player’s choice and the interaction of the warlords. If you want to enjoy various ways of playing, please check it out.

  1. Eiketsuden

Eijiden is the first simulation RPG in the Dynasty Warriors series. It is a specification that moves allies and destroys enemies every turn, and it is characterized by requiring a precise strategy. It also includes elements familiar to the series, such as “Musou Ranbu” and charge attacks.

Furthermore, Eiketsuden is attractive not only for the warlords of Sangokushi, but also for enjoying the original characters and stories. Since the system is different from the normal Dynasty Warriors series, this title is also recommended for those who like simulation RPGs and beginners.

  • Check the countries that appear

Up to “5” in the Dynasty Warriors series, the story revolves around the three countries of Wei, Wu, and Shu, and the military commanders. Jin will not appear until “5”, so if you want to operate Jin’s warlords, check the titles after “6”.

Also, for those who want to play Jin’s story, “6” is especially recommended. The battle for Jin to unify the three countries is carefully depicted, and it is a popular title among fans of the Dynasty Warriors series.

  • Check the characters that appear

The Dynasty Warriors series is attractive not only for battles and stories, but also for the appearance of unique characters. In order different Characters number of each title, it is recommended to have you check whether the advance what kind of character to appear.

The number of characters, which was 30 in the first work of the series, increases with each title, and 90 characters will appear in “Shin Sangoku Musou 8”. If you want to control as many warlords as possible, please play from the latest work.

Open world works with a high degree of freedom are also recommended

If you value the overwhelming scale and freedom, check out the open world specs. You can freely move around the Chinese continent drawn on a vast map, and battles and missions will occur in it.

In addition to combat, you can collect weapon materials and fish, so you can enjoy various game elements. Recommended for those who want to work hard and who want to enjoy a new game system not found in the previous Dynasty Warriors series.

  • You can enjoy the world of the Three Kingdoms with online games

If you want to enjoy the world of the Three Kingdoms with players from all over the country, we recommend the series where you can play online. The player will be one of the warlords who live in the Three Kingdoms era, aiming to unify the turbulent world.

The main character, the military commander, can not only freely set the gender, appearance, birthplace, etc., but also exchange messages and fight with players from all over the country. Although basic play is free, it is also attractive that you can enjoy it in various ways.

  • Recommended by Dynasty Warriors

  1. Shin Sangoku Musou 8 – Koei Tecmo Games

The first title in the series that uses an open world. It is attractive to be able to freely explore mainland China, including various areas such as snowfields, deserts, and jungles. It also has a system that allows time to pass from day to night and the weather to change.

In addition to the “main missions” that are indispensable for advancing the story, various missions such as “missions” and “requests” are recorded.

The feature is that the battle situation becomes advantageous and the amount of money you have increases depending on the mission you undertake. The player is free to decide which mission to undertake.

In addition to the 83 warriors who have appeared in the Dynasty Warriors series so far, 7 attractive warriors are newly participating. In places such as towns and villages, you can enjoy watching military commanders other than the player wearing plain dress. This work is recommended not only for fans of the former Dynasty Warriors, but also for beginners.

  1. Shin Sangoku Musou Eijiden – Koei Tecmo Games

This is the title that adopted the first simulation RPG system in the Dynasty Warriors series. The main character is Zhao Yun, a young warrior who is loyal and thick. Zhao Yun’s childhood friend Raihin and the mysterious girl Reika are depicted as they meet and grow with various heroes.

In this work, your army and the enemy army advance alternately every turn, so it is a feature that you are required to have a detailed strategy that has not been seen in the previous series.

In addition, there are two types of attack methods for units, close-range and long-range, and it is necessary to devise an advance method according to the battle situation and terrain.

A polite tutorial is included, so even those who are new to simulation RPGs can rest assured. Also, since the difficulty level can be adjusted for each scenario, it is recommended to lower the difficulty level if you cannot clear it. The overall difficulty level is also gentle, so even beginners can easily play it.


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