What is a side job for students?  Recommended Side Businesses for Students How to Choose Safe Side Businesses That Will Help You in the Future


There are various side jobs that even students can aim for tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of yen a month in their spare time. Unlike part-time jobs, we are not tied to time or place, and as a small step for students who are thinking about starting a business in the future, more and more people are trying side jobs since their student days.

However, when students do side jobs, there are some points to note that are different from part-time jobs. So this time,

  • Difference between side business and part-time job
  • Side business recommended for students
  • Precautions when students do side job
  • What is a student’s side job?

In recent years, side jobs have been attracting attention among both students and working people. What is a side job in the first place? Here, we will look at the differences from part-time jobs and the merits of students doing side jobs.

  • Difference between side business and part-time job

Unlike part-time jobs, side jobs generally have the following characteristics.

  1. Earn personally

In a part-time job, it is common to be hired after being interviewed for employment at some company or shop. If you are a student, you will often work at restaurants, cram schools, and preparatory schools.

On the other hand, the side business is not in the form of “hired” like this, but you can manage them individually with media and shops (YouTube channel, blog, online shop, etc.), or you can individually enter and deliver each case. The main thing is things like that.

  1. Not a fixed salary

Although it is related to the fact that it is not a “hired” form, it is also characteristic that many side jobs are performance-based rather than fixed salaries.

In the side business of delivering articles and works, and in the side business of earning profits from advertisements, the reward will often be decided in the form of 000 yen per case. Since it is pay-for-performance, there is no such thing as “because I am a student, my wages are low.”

  1. No age limit

One of the characteristics of the side business is that there is no age limit or the limit is looser than that of a part-time job.

Even if there is an age limit, for example, most point sites can be used by people over 12 years old, and affiliates by people over 18 years old. Therefore, even high school students, college students, and professional students can easily get started.

  1. Not tied to time or place

For side jobs can be done anytime, anywhere there are many such things. It is possible to earn more than tens of thousands of yen a month with a single computer or smartphone, so it is especially recommended for students who have difficulty going to work on a fixed shift or who do not have a comfortable place to work near their home or school.

  • I want to do a side job that makes the best use of my special skills

Compared to general part-time jobs, there are many things that students can earn by using their “specialties “. Introducing side jobs that even students can do by making the most of their special skills and hobbies , such as “I like writing sentences” and “I am good at handmade” .

  • Web writer

A side job of a web writer is recommended for students who are not afraid to write sentences and who are not afraid to look up information using the Internet.

For simple projects, the character unit price can be increased from about 0.2 yen, and as the skill improves, the character unit price can be increased to about 0.5 yen to 2 yen. It’s completed on the Web, so it’s a nice point to be able to do it with just one computer.

I myself worked as a web writer for three years when I was a student, but at most I was able to earn nearly 90,000 yen a month. Web writing skills also lead to web marketing, so it is an advantage that it will be useful for job hunting and the future.

  • programmer

If you are a student with programming skills, it is also recommended to do a side job as a programmer engineer.

Difficulty and rewards vary depending on the content, and there are various projects such as site construction, WordPress plugin creation, and Excel macro creation. Even students can take on the challenge if they have the knowledge and skills, so it is a good idea to register once on the site below and take a look at the projects.

  • Photography and sales

The students of the photo is a hobby, take a photo or, sell the photos taken is side-line to or is recommended.

Even if you don’t have a dedicated camera, you can sell enough photos taken with your smartphone. It is a side business that can be started by registering on the photo material site and posting the photos taken.

  • How to choose a student’s side job

So far, we have introduced the recommended side jobs for students, but Points when students choose a side job will tell you three things.

  1. Choose a safe one

Students do not yet have a large income and often do not have a lot of business experience, so it is not recommended to suddenly try a high-risk side job.

It is better to choose stocks, Forex, adults, etc. that have financial and mental risks, but first of all, those that can be earned safely.

  1. Choose one with low initial cost

When a student does a side job, I don’t think he has abundant funds to fund it. When starting a side business, it is recommended to choose one that does not require an initial cost as much as possible.

For example, if you are a blog affiliate, you can start with a free “Hatena Blog” without purchasing a WordPress theme suddenly, and YouTube operation is enough to shoot with your smartphone without buying a camera. It’s also a good idea to get on track a little and then prepare the equipment and environment.

  1. Choose something that will lead to the future

From the perspective of a student, it is also important to select a side job that will lead to the future.

It is recommended that you can earn a lot of simple work, but it is a good idea to try something that is useful for employment and working life after employment.

For example, programmer experience may be used as it is for employment, and increasing the number of followers on YouTube and Instagram is useful as marketing experience.

If you hone your skills or have your own media as a side job, it is no longer a dream to start a business or become independent. The author is also currently making a living on YouTube and blogs independently of the company, but this is based on disseminating information on blogs when he was a student. If you are aiming to start a business or become independent in the future, please try a side business that will lead to the future.


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