What is entertainment? Detailed explanation from the meaning of words to the current situation and future potential


Entertainment refers to entertainment, services, and entertainment that entertain people.

Looking at the translation of “entertainment,” which is the origin of the word entertainment, it means hospitality, hospitality, banquets, parties, entertainment, fun, comfort, entertainment, entertainment, entertainment, etc., and mainly means the acts that you enjoy. However, entertainment in Japan also has the meaning of providing it.

  • About the difference between the entertainment industry and the entertainment industry

There are two words that we often hear about entertainment, “entertainment industry” and “entertainment industry.” What is the difference between them? I will introduce each of them.

  • What is the entertainment industry?

The entertainment industry roughly refers to the work itself, which is related to performing arts, movies, music, and performing arts.

When displaying statistics by industry in Japan, the “Japan Standard Industrial Classification” indicated by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications is used, but strictly speaking, it is included in the middle classification 38 “broadcasting industry” and the middle classification 80 “entertainment industry”. The industry can be called the entertainment industry.

In addition, overseas academic books are often classified into nine types of industries: movies, music, broadcasting, publishing, games, gambling, sports, theater, entertainment, amusement parks, and theme parks.

In the entertainment industry, it can be said that it is common to express oneself in each job and entertain viewers and spectators.

  • What  entertainment industry do ?

The entertainment industry is a group of people involved in entertainment-related, film-related, music-related, and entertainment-related work.

From the performer to the back, there is a lot of work required to create a single work, and only when many of them work together can a work that pleases many people be completed.

The entertainment industry is a group of professionals who work to create entertainment.

  • About the current state of entertainment

According to the “Live Entertainment Market Size Survey (preliminary figures)” conducted by Pia Research Institute in June 2020 on behalf of the Live Entertainment Research Committee, the size of the live entertainment market in 2019 is It recorded a record high of 629.5 billion yen (up 7.4% from the previous year) since 2000, when the statistics were started.

However, the size of the live entertainment market in 2020 is estimated to be 183.6 billion yen, which is expected to turn from 2019, when it reached a record high, to less than 30%.

This is due to the fact that many performances have been canceled or postponed since February 2020 due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, and the live entertainment market has shrunk significantly.

  • What is the new way of entertainment?

In the entertainment industry as of 2021, under the condition that people stay at home at home and it is difficult to gather at a large venue at once, holding events and sports without spectators, interacting with fans using live distribution apps, etc. Little by little, we are exploring the ideal way of entertainment in a new era.

It is not only how to deliver entertainment to the people who need it, but also what kind of revenue is generated, such as live distribution, monetization by paid distribution, and billing content by subscription method. It extends to the point of how to create it.

It can be said that entertainment continues to evolve with the keywords of “online” and “change in monetization method” in Corona.

  • The future of entertainment

The first thing that is clear is that entertainment never goes away in any era.

The entertainment industry has been said to be unnecessary and urgent, and there was a time when it was refraining from activities, but now it is about to take a new path, supported by new technological advances.

Here are three technologies that support entertainment in the new era.

  • Utilization of VR

In entertainment, the popularity is shifting from appreciation-type content to participatory-type content, and VR (virtual reality) technology is likely to accelerate that movement.

VR technology itself has been around since the 1930s, but since it began to spread in earnest in 2016, this year is called the “first year of VR.”

As for equipment such as head-mounted displays and 360-degree cameras used for VR, inexpensive yet high-performance equipment is on the market one after another.

For users, there are also high-quality video and sound effects that can be felt using such equipment, as if they exist in a three-dimensional space in VR, just like in everyday life. It can be said that it is characteristic that you can feel it.

Today, VR technology is used in various entertainment such as games, simulators, and videos. “360-degree VR live streaming live distribution”, which allows you to enjoy live performances with a sense of realism while staying at home, is also evolving as content with high expectations for the future.

  • New possibilities for online live concerts

In the item on new ways of entertainment, he said that in entertainment, the desired monetization method in the future is also changing.

For example, some people, such as live streamers and YouTubers, take the method of having them throw money on the spot, but with free content so crowded, I find it difficult to say money as a sender. There will be many people.

For such callers, efforts have been started to build a mechanism that allows customers to enter online by paying money, sticking to live streaming distribution, and creating a space like a live house online.

Although there are many issues such as how to guide customers to enter the venue smoothly and how to create a regional system, it is attracting attention as one of the new options for enjoying entertainment.


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