Business Cards For Startups: Building Brand Recognition

Business Cards For Startups: Building Brand Recognition – Discovered in Germany, the first business card in history dates back to 1786. However, people have been using this useful item (or its prototype, to be exact) in Ancient China as early as the 3rd century BC. Yes, business cards are a very old invention!

Over time, a business card has become a vital element of corporate culture, representing important ethical rules and traditions. For example, in some countries, a wrong-sized business card can be seen as disrespectful and put a sudden end to a budding partnership. That said, before handing your card to a foreigner, make sure it is properly designed.

Business Cards For Startups: Building Brand Recognition

When asking your printer to make “standard” business cards, be prepared for the fact that you may not get what you expected. Business card dimensions vary from country to country. For better or worse, there is no globally recognized format. I’m glad you read this article before getting an unpleasant surprise like the one in the image below. Read on to discover all the secrets to these tricky corporate designs!

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The internationally accepted size of a business card is 85.6 x 53.98 mm (or 85 x 55 mm). Just like bank cards, these business cards fit perfectly in most wallets and business card holders.

Large size business cards (89 x 64 mm) are becoming increasingly popular as they offer more space for information and creative graphic solutions. A large design gives you more freedom to organize information the way you want. Furthermore, it stands out among its classic counterparts.

If you are interested in the idea of ​​creating an unconventional business card, don’t be too impatient to make your plans come true. Take the time to weigh all the pros and cons of this step, as it will have a significant effect on your entire brand.

If you insist on having business cards in an unconventional shape, size, or material, making a small batch of them is a big payoff. You can use these personalized cards on special occasions when you are sure that your partners or clients will appreciate the gesture. However, in everyday life, we recommend that you opt for standard designs. It is a versatile and low-cost solution for every situation.

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Now let’s be practical. How do you make your business card stand out? You’re probably struggling for ideas. Honestly, we don’t blame you: creating a truly memorable card is hard!

Let’s look at some valuable ideas that have won the trust of companies and entrepreneurs. There is nothing bad or shameful about learning from others. On the contrary, it’s a good way to create your own masterpiece that could one day inspire someone else!

Plastic business cards have been around for a while. Compared to their paper counterparts, plastic cards retain colors better and last longer. In addition, a plastic business card looks stylish and bold. Depending on your preferences, you can choose between a matte and glossy surface. If plastic fits well with your brand personality, why not use it?

Wood is a very particular material with specific connotations, which makes it suitable for a limited number of companies. For example, wooden designs are good for emphasizing the ecological quality of food and drinks, the elegance of men’s beauty salons or the authenticity of handmade furniture.

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Just like wood, metal is a “picky” material that refuses to serve any company or brand. Metallic business cards are seen as bold, manly and strong. Industries where this type of business card will look appropriate include technology, electronics, sports, military, and so on.

While these have been the most popular materials used for business cards, some companies have the audacity to go even further. So don’t stare wide-eyed if someone gives you a business card made of rubber, fabric or stone. You probably won’t believe it, but there are edible cards too!

The best thing about geometric business cards is the variety. You can choose from various geometric figures including rectangle, square, circle, rhombus, triangle, polygon, etc. Naturally, the first two are the most popular ways companies use. Most square business cards have dimensions of 2.5” x 2.5”. If you think a square and rectangular design is too boring, you can distinguish yours by rounding the corners. In any case, before making your final choice, take the time to read about the psychological connotations of each geometric figure. This will help you make the right impression on your partners and customers.

Your business card can be in the shape of any object that has symbolic meaning for your company or is directly related to what you do. It can be literally anything: a flower, a hand, a letter, a book, a candle, etc. If your design features small protruding details, be sure to use durable materials to prevent any part of your artwork from tearing.

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Have you ever received a business card that can be mounted on a car, plane, piano, tree or any other object? It’s a small gift that’s impossible to forget! Encouraging someone else to interact with your card is a fun, discreet way to distinguish your brand and make a lasting impression.

If you’re unsure about experimenting with unusual shapes and forms but are still looking for a “wow” effect, consider creating an embossed business card. You can add a 3D touch to your logo, company name, corporate pattern or any other part of your design. Embossing can be done on any material, be it paper, plastic or metal. The embossing will be a striking addition to your design, making it sophisticated (not forgetting the incredible tactile experience!).

Motivational business cards are a great option for fitness instructors, nutritionists, hairdressers, plastic surgeons and other specialists committed to helping people become healthier and more attractive. When interacting with such a card, a person sees a wonderful transformation. This trick can have a stunning effect on how your potential clients perceive you as a professional, encouraging them to trust your expertise.

In addition to presenting your project, this type of business card aims to entertain the person and make them smile. Feel free to use funny pictures, masks, word games, tear-off pieces, and so on. The main thing is to evoke positive emotions and make the person show your card to other people (hello free advertising!).

Free Business Card Templates & Examples

Our list would be incomplete without practical business cards. In addition to its informational function, this card can also perform some useful functions. Just look at the amazing tiny grid in the image above! There are other clever designs that can be used as calendars, pen holders, etc. It’s a great way to show your potential partners and customers that your brand can make their lives easier!

In the search for exclusivity and creativity, one thing to remember is that your business card is not a souvenir or a toy, but a carrier of important information about you and your company. That said, make sure your business card provides all the necessary information that is legible and easy to understand. From there, you can start building your design with cool features.

In addition to being a vital part of the corporate brand, the business card is also an important communication bridge in the business world. Having a smart business card that meets international standards and is aligned with your industry is an invaluable asset. It characterizes you as a reliable, competent professional who knows how to manage a company or project. Now that you realize the true power of this little piece of paper, we hope you approach the creation of your business card with appropriate diligence and responsibility. Create a professional business card online in minutes. Choose from thousands of ready-made designs that are easy to customize, edit and print. With Business Cards, you can easily create custom logos and vectors, including company or organization name, address, phone number, website address, job title, slogan description, and social address.

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