Business Cards For Freelancers: Creating A Strong Impression

Business Cards For Freelancers: Creating A Strong Impression – No business owner or freelancer can call themselves a professional if they don’t have business cards (I guess, the same way if you don’t currently use small business invoicing software). Carrying your contact information with you at all times is important because you never know who you will meet when you are networking, visiting clients, or even working at Starbucks. If a potential client asks for a business card and you have to write your name and number on a napkin, the chances of that person calling you are very low (happens a lot when you’re trying to balance freelancing with a full-time job).

You don’t need a huge budget to get creative, high-quality business cards, either. These days, there are many reputable and inexpensive websites where you can design custom business cards and even save a template for easy redesign. The best websites have many unique business card ideas and templates, making designing and buying business cards online easier than ever. The criteria you should look for when deciding where to order business cards online are quality, cost and user experience.

Business Cards For Freelancers: Creating A Strong Impression

Having the best business cards will help you and your business stand out from the competition, so don’t take your business card printing decision lightly. We’ve done the work for you by scouring the internet for the top five sites to create

Business Card Design: Killer Examples & Ideas

When it comes to online business card design, most people have probably heard of VistaPrint, and for good reason. Vistaprint is one of the best online business card printers. They offer a large selection of unique business card templates, a very user-friendly experience, and low prices—or even free cards, if you don’t mind the VistaPrint logo on the back.

Other great features include glossy, matte or metallic finishes, raised print, double-sided printing, and envelope-matching lettering. In addition, you can upload your business logo or other images. Production and shipping time takes approximately seven business days, and the cards come in a cardboard box with a resealable lid.

Disadvantages: you can’t customize the cards (no rounded corners or square cards) and you have to go through several sales pages before checking out.

Moo is a great choice for high quality business cards and other stationery products. They offer full color, double-sided printing, extensive customization—including different images or designs on each card, which is perfect for photographers and other artists—and no watermarks, even with the free option. Choose from a matte or glossy finish.

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Moo also offers discounts to companies that have more than ten employees. And perhaps the best option of all are NFC (Near-Field Communication) cards, which allow you to transfer your contact information to another person’s smartphone by simply tapping the card on their device.

Other great features are an easy-to-use website, excellent customer service, and a large selection of card templates and design options such as rounded corners, square cards, and small cards. Or you can start from scratch if you’re so inclined. Production and shipping takes approximately five business days, and your cards arrive with an attractive business card holder.

Price: starting at $19.99 for 50 business cards. Moo makes some of the best business cards out there, at attractive, if slightly high, prices.

GotPrint is the go-to option for those looking for affordable business cards. GotPrint cards are simple, traditional and affordable. They offer different cards, sizes, and shapes—including circles, ovals, and squares.

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Other features include UV coating, full color, and front and back printing. Customer service is fast and the reps are knowledgeable. Production and shipping time is five business days.

The downside of GotPrint is that their design options rely heavily on stock images and their templates are limited. If you’re a designer, then using Advanced Designer, a third-party feature where you upload your finished design to GotPrint, will allow you to create a more personalized look. It also does not offer small cards.

For your most unique business card ideas, JukeBox has a large and varied selection of card stocks—such as textured pulp, recycled paper, and wood cardstock colors, and card shapes, such as circles, rounded corners, hearts and cake. They offer matte or gloss finish, and foil or pearl coated.

Jukebox has some of the best business card printing options online, including full color, double-sided printing, bleeding edges—all with great color and print quality. You can also use a template or customize your cards from scratch. You can request business card samples as well as a PDF confirmation of your order before purchasing. Production and shipping time is eight business days.

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These business cards are of excellent quality, with very vivid colors and sharp lines. 48Hour Print doesn’t offer vertical or non-traditional shaped cards, but you can find small cards, rounded corners or tent-fold cards. Other features include a glossy, matte or UV finish, which not only provides a professional, glossy finish, but also gives the card more durability.

The production and delivery time is two working days (and they guarantee you the time to change the product or your order is free) and it comes in a plastic bag.

The downside is that 48Hour Print doesn’t have any online design tools or pre-made templates (you’ll have to upload your own artwork files), so this site might be better suited for people with design experience. It’s also more expensive than other sites, but it’s worth it.

Price: starting at $19.97 for 100 cards. It’s a bit more expensive than other sites on this list, so it won’t be the best business card printing site from a price point of view.

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Elite Flyers offers a wide variety of business card styles for any number you may want or your business. Do you want to buy simple business cards in bulk, or do you want a small batch of special, 3D Lenticular holographic cards? From standard paper business cards to velvet with a raised UV coating, Elite Flyers has you covered for even the most unique business card ideas. Not creative? Elite Flyers will even create business cards for you, for a fee of course. If you’re buying in bulk, Elite Flyers are one of the cheapest options for business cards, depending on the style of the card of course.

Production changes depend on the complexity of your order, but standard business cards take between 3 and 5 days from order to shipment.

The downside to Elite Flyers business cards is that their design templates are limited, so unless you’re very design-minded and can do it yourself, you may end up paying a $50 design consultation fee.

Price: starting at $20 for 100, or $35 for 1,000. Full color, 2-sided printing is included in the price of all orders.

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Now that you’ve found the best business cards for you, it’s time to take your small business to the next level. For more small business advice from the best icebreaker interview questions, to the challenges facing today’s entrepreneurs, check out our blog!

I’ve been using Curdbee’s predecessor for years, and it improves upon Curdbee in every way. The interface is sleek, fast, fluid and intuitive, and the amount of features available is truly amazing. It will be my go-to project management software for the foreseeable future, and the only one I recommend to clients and colleagues. Jesse Couch Design Director & Front-End Developer,

Between Curdbee and their new release, , I’ve brought in over $310,000 more than I otherwise would have. If I need to send an invoice, I know it will work, and I know they will find it, and I will know when they will see it and pay it or not. At least if everything else becomes difficult, I know I have a system in place that will allow me to get paid. Micah Rich Creative Director and Owner,

Since the switch my productivity has increased. The intuitive interface allows me to send invoices quickly on the go and also provides great reporting tools – I love it! Shaun Preece Creative Director & Entrepreneur,

Master Business Card Design With Adobe Illustrator

Since I am able to spend more time on tasks that will grow my business without being bored with unpaid administrative activities. Chad Cox Your business card is an important part of your brand. A good business card design makes your business known, presents your business to the world and makes your customers remember you. But how do you make a business card?

These multi-business tools fulfill many of the basic needs of a professional: advertising, brand recognition, calls to action, and of course contact information. When designed well, these pocket-sized posters can leave a lasting impression and create lasting customers from passing visitors.

A business card is a small, printed card, usually about the size of a credit card, that stores your business information, such as your name, contact information, and brand logo. Your business card design is an important part of your brand and should act as a visual extension of your brand design.

In this guide, we’ll go over everything you need to know about business card design so you can tell your designer exactly what you want. Business cards should be on top of everything

The 3 Best Business Card Printing Services Of 2024

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