Robert Cialdini Book Influence The Psychology Of Persuasion

Robert Cialdini Book Influence The Psychology Of Persuasion – If there was one book I would make required reading for all new sales and marketing professionals, it would be Influence, New and Expanded: The Psychology of Persuasion by Robert B. Cialdini.

This book achieves a rare feat. A helicopter view of the idea of ​​impact combined with real-world examples. Cialdini seeks to document the various ways in which human beings can be induced to take certain actions or believe certain beliefs.

Robert Cialdini Book Influence The Psychology Of Persuasion

Each chapter covers one such method. Reciprocity, commitment and consistency, social proof, liking, authority, scarcity, unity. The chapters are rich in concepts, examples and famous events. Cialidni even covers how to defend against having these methods applied to you.

Influence, The Psychology Of Persuasion,

Why do governments have laws against politicians and bureaucrats accepting even small gifts from industrialists? This is a defensive tactic against the natural backlash being triggered.

The influence has opened my eyes to the subtle ways in which I am encouraged and sometimes pushed to do things that may not be in my best interest. Ikea & Zara tell me that there are only 3 pieces of a certain product left (principle of scarcity). Watch & Cola companies are looking for popular actors to support their two hundred year old creations (Likeability). tells us that forty people rated this hotel with four plus stars in the last month (Social Proof). Urban Company tells us that more than three thousand people have used their services in your area (Social Proof).

Why do restaurants offer free samples or small gifts (Reciprocation)? Doctors control the length of white corners that are allowed to be worn in hospitals based on seniority (Authority). Why is college clutter (commitment and consistency) so hard to eradicate? Why do judges and lawyers still wear stifling black robes in a tropical country like India (Multiple authorities)?

The impact of reading is like taking the red pill. Little of the Matrix has been revealed. The book was first published in 1984, and I read the old edition a few years ago and found it compelling. This new updated version has lots of modern examples and an important new principle: Unity.

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If you are worried about your family’s tribal behavior or the spontaneous creation of online mobs, then the principle of Oneness will explain many such behaviors.

This book is a great read on three levels. It made me aware of the principles of influence I can use. It made me aware of those principles being used against me. The book is a great conversation starter!

Pavlov’s dogs. Milgram’s shock experiment. Sugihara’s courageous defense of the Jews during World War II. Tupperware sales tactics. This book sheds a lot of light on these seemingly disparate issues and phenomena.

Roberto Cialdini’s influence is a walk through his own fragile and vulnerable mind. A long read of 590 pages that I highly recommend. Five million copies sold (social proof)! Have you ever wanted to convince your parents to let you go out late? Or ask the teacher to extend the homework? Or maybe you just want to be more persuasive in general? If so, you must read the book “The Art of Persuasion” by Roberto Cialdini.

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But what if you’re not an adult in disguise? What if you are a 7th to 8th grade student? Can you still use the principles of persuasion?

In fact, the “art of persuasion” is especially useful for young people because it teaches you how to build relationships, communicate effectively, and get what you want. Here are 10 life lessons from The Art of Persuasion perfect for (but not limited to) 7th-8th graders.

Imagine you are at the playground and your friend Raja is excited about his new bike. You want him to give you a bike, but the point is that you have to listen to his stories about cyclists first. Yes, active listening means soaking up the water with a sponge in the kiddie pool. early, ask follow-up questions and show genuine interest. So! Raja can let you ride this bike.

You and your classmate, Seema, try to choose pizza for the school picnic instead of hamburgers. Find that cosmic connection: Do you both share the same obsession with eating more cheese? Explore common interests before bringing your pizza recommendation into the conversation. , hamburgers are a thing of the past!

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Imagine this: You are faced with the daunting prospect of cleaning your room. Instead of the usual moaning and grunting, you hit your parents with the magic word: “therefore”. “I had to clean my room because I couldn’t find my lucky sock!”

Have you ever tried to convince your teacher that you need extra days to write your homework? Imagine trying to convince your teacher that aliens stole your homework. Which seems more credible? Turn your arguments into a compelling story.

Have you ever noticed that people tend to imitate (copy) other people’s body language and words? It’s like we’re all secret mimics. Imagine trying to convince your best friend to watch a sci-fi movie with you. B

So you try to convince your parents to let you raise a pet unicorn (we can all dream, right?). Get your heart rate up! Explain how your lonely sock collection would benefit from a mystical companion.

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Let them feel everything. Tears of Sorrow Without a Unicorn could be your ticket to a legendary pet.

You want your classmates to participate in your epic science project, but they won’t. It’s time to bring out the heavy artillery: Master’s Consent! Mention your teacher and supporting the project will become the hottest ticket in town.

Imagine trading Pokémon cards with your friend. The extremely rare Charizard is a target and you have it. State that you plan to replace it with someone else.

You try to convince your little brother to share their chocolate. Time to be consistent! Ask them for small favors before big ones. Once they sign up to help, handing out the chocolates becomes easy.

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Imagine you are trying to convince your friend Sid to help you with a history project. Praise her knowledge of ancient civilizations and watch her heart melt like ice on a sunny day.

Being really good at persuasion comes with a lot of responsibility. So, use these lessons wisely and trust me, you will be able to achieve some amazing things!Author: Robert B. Cialdini. According to his biography, “Dr. Robert Cialdini has spent his entire career conducting scientific research on what makes people say ‘Yes’ to requests.”

My opinion on this book: This is a classic book on persuasion and marketing. It is difficult to read any subsequent book on these subjects without reference to this book or its principles. The ideas in this book have changed the way I see the world and I probably use some principles from it every day. It’s so good. This book will not make you a master of marketing or persuasion, but it will lay the foundation for a clearer and faster understanding of these areas. This is an accessible book and I think anyone interested in the human condition will find it interesting, to say the least.

You are tired of being convinced of things and want to understand why it happens and how to stop it.

Influence: The Psychology Of Persuasion Book Review

Understand the six time-tested principles and how they work so you can use them and better defend against them.

You are not interested in how people work or how they are influenced. Even if you have read other books on the subject, I would encourage you to read this one.

Cialdini describes six methods of persuasion: reciprocity, liking, authority, social proof, scarcity, and consistency. Not only does it help you to persuade others, but it helps you to be more cautious about the tactics of persuading others. Once you learn them, it’s hard not to see them used everywhere in marketing and sales.

This book has been reviewed to death on a million blogs and articles before me, so instead of repeating the book, I’ll give some examples of it working for me and on me.

Influence Summary: The Psychology Of Persuasion By Robert B Cialdini

I am selling wall calendars. One of my sales channels is housing associations who buy them in bulk and use them as housewarming gifts. I called them and emailed them links to my website so they could see it. Once I started offering them a free calendar to view and keep, I started getting more sales. There is something in our nature that feels obligated to return the favor. For those who asked for free I sold more.

It is in our nature to look around and see what others are doing, and then do it. Often mindlessly. My main customers are grocery stores. In the first year, I could not attract the attention of larger stores. I started with small local ones which were also not the easiest to sell. The next year I got a small local grocery store chain. I managed to show that to a slightly bigger chain and then they took me on. I ended up getting Costco to buy from me. Now, assuming I can find a buyer, I can just list Costco, HEB, Randalls and the doors open much more easily. The mere fact that their competitors carry my product gives me credibility.

“Hi Sarah,

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